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Hey guys, it is another month again! We here at do hope that last month was amazing for you, if not; don’t worry this month came with its lots of goodies in its bag for you. We pray that you earn more money, more health, and more blessing this month.

As it is our culture here at to publish 20 top earners in BizIncome every month. We are here again to give a tabular presentation of the top BizIncomers that made the list. If you have not made our list of top earners before now, don’t worry, this is another opportunity for you to be in the A list of our top earners this month.

1 Josef 45,000 bank transfer
2 cuu028 43,000 bank transfer
3 Uzoma 38,000 bank transfer
4 Kreator 38,000 bank transfer
5 Twitch 36,000 bank transfer
6 PromKween 35,800 bank transfer
7 Pascal 35,300 bank transfer
8 JohnTomus 33,200 bank transfer
9 Joeguy 33,000 bank transfer
10 Indaboski 32,600 bank transfer
11 Cosmas123 32,005 bank transfer
12 Ceaser 30,000 bank transfer
13 Chizzy 29,000 bank transfer
14 SteveC 22,050 bank transfer
15 Omega22 22,000 bank transfer
16 Dami2u 18,000 bank transfer
17 Muslim 17500 bank transfer
18 cjx 12,000 bank transfer
19 dotng 9,000 bank transfer
20 kizyy#q 7,200 bank transfer


Here is what we have generally realized about our top earners.

  • They usually skip one month’s withdrawal.

  • They never skip the sharing of sponsored posts.

  • Some of them especially the top 5 earners of each month make a lot from referral income. 

  • Their comment is usually is one paragraph comment not one word comment like, okay, that is good, I am hearing it for the first time, etc and as such, our website algorithm usually rewards them bonuses. 

This is the little that we can share for now in this month’s edition of top earners of the month and forum advice and observation.

Now, many people don’t seem to understand why we are able to pay out all our earners despite not having any ad on our forum. Here is what they forget to understand, we sell a lot of content in our forum which by sharing it on social media, we reach more audience who patronize us while we pay out some to our esteemed forum members that wish to withdraw. For example, our forum boosts of over 17000 members, more 25% of them have purchased our Mini Importation conquest or their friend. About 70% of them buy a data bundle from our forum. Now, you understand why you earn by helping us to earn, after all, what is affiliate marketing in the first place?

In case you have not been making money using,  you have lost a lot but there is still more time to make as little as #12,000 weekly doing what you have been doing of reading new, commenting, and sharing on the content on social media.

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don’t worry this month came with its lots of goodies in its bag for us.