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Dashboard Overview of the Affiliate site

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In this article, I am going to give an overview of what Dashboard looks like when the affiliate logins into the website. BizIncome is an affiliate website that was launched to arrest the economic meltdown that coronavirus pandemic caused since it has been ravaging the world since the ending of 2019.

First of all, let us start with the site, when someone logins into the front of the website, it is like every other news website rendering high-end news to readers on demand. When someone, however, navigates to the menu aspect of the website, then they will see the login and register column asking them to either login or register. This might probably be where begins to differ from other websites. Another part that differs is that for one to comment on the website, one must be logged in and for one to be logged in, then one has to register and also get an activation coupon from coupon vendors!

The registration: When one wants to register, a registration form will be provided for the person. The person is mandated to enter their details. It is here that the person enters the activation code that they bought from the coupon vendors. If the user is yet to get an activation code, then, they will be required to get an activation code from the list of our accredited vendors. For the purposes of this write-up, I will make a new account to help buttress my point.

Once the user registers, they will be directed automatically to their dashboard. Below is the registration form and an overview.

The image shows the bottom part of the registration form. In the form, one could see the link that leads to the coupons code sellers, then above the link, the is the rest button. This button helps to erase(delete) the entire form once instead of manually. Then above the reset button is the submit button used to submit the form to the website. Then, way above the registration. the button is the coupon field, for one to successfully submit the form, you must enter a valid coupon code, else the form will not submit.

Overview of the Dashboard

Once one has successfully registered, this is how the dashboard will look like. This is an overview of the affiliate page.


In the profile, you can edit your account details, enter your bank information where you will withdraw earning into. Now, when one signs up, there is a red notification that says ‘payment details not well set’, the user is required to enter the details in the profile of the dashboard. This are the bank details that we will pay the earnings into.

Marketing: is an affiliate site. For the user to earn an affiliate commission, their invitees need to use their referral link to sign up. The campaign, sponsored post, and paid ads are also seen here from where you share it to social media to earn more in the form of forum earning. The banner is also available in the marketing section of the website.


This is where your activities across the website are recorded. We make money from the traffic that our users generate. We also pay you from the money we make from the traffic you generate for us. This is what we sell to advertisers. The activities you are carrying out is being recorded in the traffic log. Campaign reports give an overview of the sponsored posts that you shared on social media to earn from it. Referral log gives the statistics of the people you referred to

Other Tabs: Other tabs like payment is where you request for payment. when you make money, the payment gives you the forum to select the amount you wish to withdraw and whether you wish to use the earning foe sponsored post or not.

Below those tabs is just the statistics summary of what has been going on in the account.

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BizIncome is an affiliate website that was launched to arrest the economic meltdown that coronavirus pandemic caused since it has been ravaging the world since the ending of 2019….Nice one