How to get more referrals as a BizIncomer!

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Facebook and WhatsApp is unarguably the most used social media in Nigeria. The power of WhatsApp status is unimaginable. If you are someone who truly wants to grow their referrals on, then this article is for you.

The most important feature to note is that: when BizIncome forum was launched, we started it’s promotion by posting on our WhatsApp status, at first, our friends was not to responding to the status update but within one week, people have started to indicate indicate interest. Below this post, we are going to make a gallery of banners that you should download and post on your WhatsApp everyday in order to grown your referral. While referrals are purely optional, it is still another source of earning on BizIncome, because we pay #500 for each person that you refer and registers through your referral link.

There is also a testimonial from a blogger who took advantage of our initial launch to cash out #9500. We will drop the link below although the earning strategy has been updated. The link to his post is below.

You can also post on WhatsApp groups and ask friends to post an update on their status too!

Many use facebook as an honest medium to reachout and obtain referral and cashout daily, others use Whatsapp Tv, here we wish to enlighten you on however the facebook advert works and the way folks cash in of it and earn referral commissions.

Join variant Facebook cluster

Advertise there and collect folks WhatsApp variety

Add them to your WhatsApp cluster or Invite them to your cluster

Set your cluster solely Admins to comment to avoid spam.
Add a minimum of over a hundred and fifty folks to your whatapp cluster daily trust. Tell them regarding the business and the way it works.

Show them over 7-10 alert testimonies from our image cluster gallery.

You need to be doing it systematically even after you see no result, simply grasp that there’s a stunning day ahead..

Register them and begin creating cool money daily..


Nigeria on-line Business

Ikorudu Market
3. 9jamarket
4. Oyinbo
5. marketplace metric weight unit
6. on-line Market
7. Open Market Nigeria
8. PHMarket Place
9. WhatsApp selling
10.Worldwide Adverts/Marketing
11. city MARKET
14.Facebook selling
15. African Market
16. city MARKET
18. Kaduna on-line Market
20. Click here
21. Tru 9ja Market
22. Lekki Ajah Market
23. Advertise Your Business Worldwide
24. girls In Business On purpose
25. distinctive Business Managers
26. Business Avenues
27. Market and Sell
28. Market Place
29. national capital Market Place
30. Business World
31. Sell Your Stuff
32. Sell It
33. Advertise your product
34. on-line Business Arena
35. Lekki Ajah Market Place
36. national capital Market Place
Apart from Facebook, you’ll still head over to forums like etc and build your adverts because it has many folks visiting it. thus go and register with them without charge and begin driving audiences.

Also don’t forget to affix Students facebook teams. you’ll notice these out by simply looking on facebook for any faculty.

Now build Advert!!!
On your WhatsApp standing, Facebook stories, teams and timeline… Tag your friends United Nations agency u grasp would like this business….

Post one thing like this

If somebody picks interest by asking you “How?”
Give the person this temporary information regarding the business.

While you make money from sponsored ads, we have also made the gallery below to help you convince your and associates to join BizIncome through your link.


N/B: Referrals earning are paid out daily while activity earning are paid on the 24th of every month.


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