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Are you trying to pull out of post coronavirus economic crises or are you a stay at home mum, do you desire a passive income,then search no more. With forum, you are guaranteed to make as much as #8000 to #15000 daily just by clicking around the website.

Hey, welcome to forum, where you are paid for each activity you perform with us, here is the summary of money that you will be making when you join forum.

1. Sign up bonus: #500

2. Referral: #500 (payout is instant but referral is not compulsory).

3. Read news and comment: #5

4. Sponsored post: #50

5.  Post news: #10

6. Daily Login bonus: #20

7. Nairaland: #100 (For each news you copy from and posts on Nairaland, with the link of the post from bizincome also added, we will pay you #100 for it. Just get a screenshot short of such post to any admin on any WhatsApp groups showing our link on the post, the number of views and your username, and you will credited for it).

Yes, you read it right, when you registers on BizIncome, you are given a sign up bonus of #500 just for signing up with us. Then for each of your friends or work colleague that joins through you, you will be paid #500 for it. Note referral is purely not compulsory, you can just perform your forum activity and earn as much as #5000 daily.

For each day you logs in, we pay you #20 for logging in, for reading news and commenting, we also pay you for doing that. When you share our news on social media you are paid #50 for sharing sponsored posts on Facebook. When you copy news from BizIncome and posts on Nairaland, you are also paid #100 for it.

What does it take to participate in this amazing income program and become financially free at last?

You will be required to register with a one time payment of just #1000. Oh Yes! Just #1000 registration fee will qualify you to join our seamless income programme. To make this payment, you are required to contact our Coupon code vendor via the link I will be dropping shortly,make payment of #1000, he will give you a code that will authorise your registration. Then you proceed to registration form where you enter your details.  When you have successfully signed up, now it is the time to begin to earn as much as you can from our forum.

Summary: To join forum,

Step1: Get your coupon code for #1000 by clicking here

Step2: Register your account with the help of your coupon code.

Step3: Perform your forum activities and begin to earn money from them.

As simple as that.

When you are done with the registration, read the post below on how to manage your Dashboard as our affiliate.


Affiliate Dashboard Overview of




  1. I heard everything even though i’m a member but i’m yet to believe cos today is my sixth day into the system but i’m yet to get up to 1k so i don’t understnd all this lies.

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