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Reading news especially during the Covid-19 period where people needs an update on the Coronavirus status in Nigeria and globally is a common trend. People go to various websites to read news. However, the same people don’t know that there is a place where they can be paid to read the same news for free.

When you read news in other websites, the only thing you can get  from them is the information being conveyed to you. However, when you read news on, we pay you for reading news on our platform. All it takes is just #1000 naira to upgrade your account to premium by registration in our platform. To learn more, read the post below from someone who made #9500 from our platform using in just 5 days!H

HowI made 9500 naira in 5

1. When one signs up on our platform, the website gifts the user with #500 sign up bonus.

2. When one reads any news on, the platform rewards them with #5 earning.

3. When one makes a comment on the website, the website rewards the user with #5 earning.

4. When one invites friends to join the forum, the invitee is rewarded with #500 referrals.

5. When one logs into their account, they will get a bonus of #20 for logging in.

6. When one PUBLISHES a post on, we pay the user #10 per post.

The last is really what we have studied overtime and found out that it benefits both users and us. It benefits the user because they earn more by publishing posts on our website. A publisher made #42,000 naira last month by writing for us. We were also glad he did.
How does it work
When a user signs up with #1000 registration fee and completes their profile.

Then they will qualify to publish on our blog. When they publish a post on our blog, we pay them #500 for each post they publish. This does not stop their earning from other means like their earning for daily login and their earning from daily invitation and other forum benefits.

When a user publishes a content that we will pay them for, they will no longer have the license to that article because it becomes the property of Integrated Service. So the article has been sold to us and the writer cannot lay claim to the article again. By purchasing articles from various writers across our platform, we rank way higher on Google and make more money from our advertisers.

Note that the article will be published on our website as content while we pay the writer for the article. There is no limit to the number of articles one can publish on as far as you have the will power to write. We accept articles in categories and niches like celebrity gist, entertainment, movies, foreign news, music, politics, culture, crime, sports, agriculture, technology etc.

To publish your article, kindly log into your dashboard.

Click the submit post button, then, a form will pop up.

Enter your post title, the post category as select from our numerous categories(if you did not see the category that your content belongs to, kindly file it into news category), the content itself, that is the body of the essay, the featured image and then, you click the submit button and the deal is done.
You will have no limit to the number of content you post on our platform neither will it stop you from other forum benefits as it is also part of the forum activity.

People have earned alot from our platform and more people will still earn more.

As you continue to earn by writing, you stand better chance of being among our top earners which will expose you to more benefits. So what is still holding you back from earning from us, kindly login now and begin to make more passive income this Coronavirus period.


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PS: The registration costs a one time payment of #1000 while reward is for a lifetime





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